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  • One subscription,
    50+ language courses
  • Real-life vocabulary
  • Smart algorithms that place you at the right level
  • Learn the most common words
One subscription,
50+ language courses
Real-life vocabulary
Smart algorithms that place you at the right level
Learn the most common words
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AI and Personalized Learning

The Lingvist experience is tailored to you right from the beginning. Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our AI positions you at the right level, so you can start learning the most relevant words immediately.

Real-Life Vocabulary

Learn the most common vocabulary first. These words cover 80% of everyday scenarios and come with an example sentence and grammar information to provide contextualized learning.

Customizable Content

Lingvist’s Custom Decks is a feature that turns any words or text you provide into a custom language course. Learn new words about your favorite topic or industry-specific vocabulary relevant to your work.

Smart Algorithms and Spaced Repetition

Lingvist is powered by a spaced repetition algorithm that ensures you learn the right words at the right time. All you have to do is learn and repeat – Lingvist takes care of the rest!


Achieve faster progress by studying for 10 minutes every day or completing just 50 cards with no distractions, no ads, and bite-sized lessons.

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Recommended by other language learners

“Exceptional language learning app!”

Lingvist is like having a language wizard in your pocket. 🧙‍♂️📱 It adapts to your style, offers comprehensive progress monitoring, accelerates your skills, and makes you feel like a language superhero. I highly recommend it for language enthusiasts!

“Excellent app”

Honestly, this way of learning is not entertaining, but it’s very efficient. If you commit to 50 cards/day (I did 60), then you can learn very quickly. I’m a native French speaker, and I went to Italy after 6 months with the app. I was able to get by in most situations, and people were impressed by how quickly the app had helped me progress. (+) Very efficient if you’re committed (-) Hard to commit

“Good vocabulary builder”

Lingvist is a little like Duolingo for grownups—more advanced and free of Duolingo’s annoying animations and most of its autogenerated and hence ineffective encouragement. Sometimes Lingvist’s English-language prompts could more precisely indicate how the answer differs from near synonyms, and the application could more reliably indicate when the user has entered a near synonym for the word the application is prompting for. Still, Lingvist is a good tool for expanding and refining vocabulary.

“A really great app!”

Lingvist is a really good app for language learning and immersion, not to mention the appealing user interface and the seamless navigation of the app. They have great content for learning and are very skilled in building your vocabulary. I used the app for a week, and I got the top score on my French exam! I highly recommend Lingvist 😁

“Favorite language learning app”

Lingvist is my favorite language learning app. It helped me to learn Dutch in two months, so that I can read without pain. Now I think that this is the only app that I would definitely use when learning a new language, because this is the only app that I’m sure works effectively. I tried dozens of apps and courses (Apart from this app, I’m confident in the effectiveness of only one audio course that develops oral skills).

“My brain is loving it!”

I’m using your app around 45 minutes a day at the moment, slightly addicted – learning Swedish from English, Spanish from German, German from English, French from Spanish, Spanish from English – I want to start them all at the same time. My brain is loving it! Had a conversation with a French person yesterday and felt so much more equipped… I love it when the knowledge from Lingvist actually helps me communicate, oh the joy!! Polyglot, here I come!

“Best language app on the market!!!”

Definitely give this a go. I’ve been through so many language apps – this by far is the best! They actually provide useful and well-structured material that has improved my languages so well. A big focus on conversational content; trust me, you will learn more than just “The dog is in the house,” etc.

“Best application ever created on Earth!”

Best application ever created on Earth! Everyone should use it when learning a language. I have been using it for a long time, and I can tell you for sure there’s nothing better for learning new vocabulary 😀

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