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Learn a new language faster

With Lingvist’s scientific approach and advanced technology, you can learn up to 10x faster.*

Learn real-life vocabulary

Start by learning the most common words that cover 80% of everyday scenarios.

Speak with confidence

By learning new vocabulary in real-life context, you’ll acquire the syntax and grammar on the go.

Take control of your progress

Track your progress from Beginner to Advanced level and see how many new words you have learned.

*In just 10 minutes, our best users learn 30 words per day. They learn 4000 word families (B2 level) in 4 months, which takes an average of 4 years in language schools.

Reach the next level of language learning

Learn when it suits you

Make faster progress with bite-sized study sessions throughout the day. Switch smoothly between desktop and mobile.

Study what you want

Learn from our general language deck, pick from a number of themed decks, or create your own customized deck.

Find your level

Lingvist uses neural networks to assess your existing vocabulary quickly and accurately so you can learn at your level.

Build your vocabulary

Quickly learn new words and review existing vocabulary in real-world contexts.

Desktop and
mobile learning

Use on the desktop at home or study with the app on the go.

Create your own vocabulary learning decks

Turn any text or words into a unique language learning course of your own. Take full control of the words you learn!

Customer stories

“The best way to learn vocabulary”

This app is BY FAR the best way to learn vocabulary. Clean design, no ads, and the most important feature is that the algorithm just works like a charm! Out of a 30-min training session, 25 mins will be productive time spent actually learning. Also, you get to learn the most important words you need to get a working knowledge of the language. In other apps like Anki, you end up spending far too much time with settings, etc.

Jess from San Francisco, learning French

“#1 among all language apps”

This application builds your vocabulary like none of the other apps or books. Have been using it for about 3 years to study French. I don’t practice French too regularly, but with the help of this app and its algorithms, I can still remember 90% percent of words I’ve learned here. Great respect to the creator of this app!

Chris from Boston, learning French

“Excellent vocabulary builder”

I wanted to expand my German vocabulary and stumbled across this app. The spaced repetition is brilliant; the app knows exactly which flashcard to show me at the right time to help me learn quickly. 10/10.

Monica from Paris, learning German

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