3 Great Tips for Learning Two Languages (or More!) at Once

by Aubrie Amstutz | 11 January 2021 | Learn

Follow these three great tips to stay sane while you tackle the challenge of learning multiple languages at once.

12 Podcasts for Learning Spanish

by Aubrie Amstutz | 29 December 2020 | Learn-spanish

Check out the 12 best Spanish podcasts available here! Listening to Spanish podcasts is an effortless way to incorporate the language into your daily routine.

How To Master the German Language in No Time

by Ryan | 18 December 2020 | Learn-german

This is the story of Ryan, a Lingvist user who was able to learn and master the German language in order to study abroad.

Free resources for learning French


Free resources for learning Spanish


Free resources for learning German


13 Practical Tips for Learning French

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Repetition Works! How To Learn a New Language with Spaced Repetition

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What is spaced repetition and how can it help you acquire a language faster? Lingvist uses spaced repetition to show you words at the optimal times for you to remember them.

9 Fun and Easy Ways To Learn Spanish at Home

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3 Simple Steps for Learning a New Language

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The History of the Spanish Language

by Aubrie Amstutz | 2 November 2020 | Learn-spanish

Did you know that Spanish is the world's second-most widely spoken native language? Discover the history of the Spanish language, which has navigated the rise and fall of empires.

How Many Words Does the German Language Have?

by Aubrie Amstutz | 21 October 2020 | Learn-german

Find out how many words are estimated to exist in the German language and how many you need to learn to become fluent.