5 social media accounts to follow if you like languages

Learn | 6 April 2015

If your mom, your boss, or your other half is complaining that you spend too much time on social media, we have some good reasons for you to keep going.

We’ve selected some of the best social media accounts that you should definitely follow if you want to learn more about language – and we’re sure you do!

@Lingholic (Twitter/Facebook)

Whether it be proverbs, useful tips, or just funny stuff, @Lingholic shares all types of content on social media. If you like languages, you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you there.

@Languagebandit (Twitter)

If you enjoy telling interesting jokes during dinner, this Twitter feed is perfect for you. @Languagebandit shares at least one unknown language fact every day! Did you know that the word “placebo” comes from the Latin word for “I shall please”? Well, now you do!

@languages_globe (Twitter/Facebook)

Bryan Powers does a great job on @languages_globe. His social media accounts are a perfect addition to your learning sessions on Lingvist. Many easy-to-follow but valuable articles will provide you with motivation and advice to successfully improve your language skills.

@TheLinguaFile (Twitter/Facebook)

They describe themselves as “a light-hearted look at languages” and they are right. But @TheLinguaFile is much more than that. It’s also full of interesting facts about languages and informative country profiles.

@MatadorNetwork (Twitter/Facebook)

To sum it up, we can’t talk about languages without talking about travel. @MatadorNetwork represents foreign cultures in the best way possible on social media. From “The 14 funniest Japanese expressions (and how to use them)” to “10 French habits I lost when I moved to the USA”, you can travel across the world by reading those funny and interesting articles about things you didn’t even know you were interested in!

Now you should be all set to keep yourself up to date on the latest language news from all over the world, and, at the end of the day, you have a good reason to spend more time on social media!

Do you know other social media accounts to follow? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!