5 tips to help you learn faster!

Learn | 16 March 2015

If you have already started using Lingvist, you may have noticed that your language skills are improving quickly. And to make sure that you are getting the most out of Lingvist, you can check some advice given here.

But time flies so quickly, so we have decided to provide you with a few additional tips to help you learn even quicker!

5 tips to help you learn faster

Set a personal goal.

Whether it be a weekend in Paris, being able to read a book written in a foreign language, or passing a language test, having an objective will give you extra motivation for your learning sessions and help you focus on your exercises.

Join a discussion group.

Learning a language is different from learning how to ride a bicycle. You forget things if you don’t practice, and it takes a lot more time. However, there are plenty of foreign language-speaking clubs and groups around you, where you can give your skills a try, make quick progress by practicing, and meet many interesting people. Give it a go!

Turn on the radio.

What’s on the news today? Why not listen to a foreign-language radio station to know what’s happening in the world? Check out these 2 famous French stations where you can listen to some interesting (and sometimes less interesting…) programs: Europe 1 & RTL.

“The more the merrier.”

Involving your friends, your family or your dog (you can try!) in your learning process can be a good way to keep that motivation going and set up new goals together, or even bring a competitive angle into learning.

Learn at the best possible time of the day.

The best time to learn depends on your personality: morning people, evening lovers or night owls, we are all different. Try to find the right moment in a day when you’re feeling productive and focused, and you should be able to improve your skills quickly.

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