New Love Courses Released

by Hilary | New | 12 February 2019

Love can make us do crazy things, like moving to a foreign country or trying to speak a foreign language, which is why we have built love courses for French, Spanish, and English from our outher languages, so you can express your love fluently!

Lingvist Love

Learn delicious and delightful words to whisper in your sweetheart’s ears the next time you two are together.

This course will surely sweep you off your feet, so what are you waiting for?

Simply click on “General Language” in French or Spanish to access our Focus Courses. There you will see how to get lovey-dovey with our love course!

Please note that we have found a very small “love” bug🐞. We are calling it the “One Chance at Love Bug” because it only gives you one chance to try our Love Course Focus. If you leave the course, you won’t be able to come back. We know, horrible!

We are fixing this fast and hope to have an update in the next two weeks, but we thought we’d warn you that once you are in the love course, if you decide to leave, then you won’t be able to come back until we make a fix for it!

Remember, in order to get access to our Course Focuses, you must have Lingvist Unlimited – but don’t fret! From February 13 to February 15 we are giving everyone Lingvist Unlimited, so everyone gets some love!

Want to know where the idea for these courses came from? You can read our Valentine’s Day campaign story on

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Hаppy learning!

Team Lingvist