Say "Tere!" to Essential Estonian, Lingvist’s first special course!


Estonia is turning 100 years old next year, and we here at Lingvist wanted to not only give Estonia a present — but make a gift for everyone else to enjoy, too.

That’s why we’ve put together Essential Estonian, a fun, compact, and cultural course for you to learn more about Estonia and its language!

Essential Estonian will teach you 100 relevant, beautiful, and essentially Estonian phrases —sourced from Team Lingvist’s resident Estonians — that we think will help you pass yourself off as a local at the grocery shop and impress your newly made Estonian friends. To make this special course even more of a departure from our previous courses, we’ve included photos along with our cultural notes to help illustrate the world’s most digitally advanced society.


What’s more, we asked our Chief Linguistic Officer, Hanna-Leana Taoubi, to lend her very real voice to the courses audio and join the pantheon of our beloved yet computer generated (Surprised?) voice personalities Matthieu (French), Marlene and Hans (German), and Conchita (Spanish).

Chief Linguistic Officer Hanna-Leana Taoubi

Check out our Essential Estonian course and learn what makes Estonia a place worth getting to know — we challenge you to complete the course and get acquainted with Estonia in just an afternoon!


*See someone working hard? In Estonia it’s polite to say Jõudu!, or ”May the force be with you!“ Reply with Tarvis! , “(Much) needed!” and now you’re on your way!

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