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What will you do with that extra 30%?

When using the web version, Lingvist users learn 30% more than with mobile.

On the web, Lingvist learners are able to type faster, be more precise with their clicks (fewer accidental mistakes), and proceed swiftly through their cards. Plus, certain aspects of Lingvist are only available on the web version, such as the more robust Custom Decks, which allow you to control exactly what type of content you learn.

The graph below shows that our Web users (blue line) learn on average 30% more than our mobile users (green and red lines).

Users learning with Lingvist

You know what they say about multitasking: “To do two things at once is to do neither.”

Learning a language takes dedication, perseverance, and focus.

The mobile version is great for short review sessions while commuting or waiting in line at the store, but to really gain momentum you need to give your full attention to the task. We see that our web users do about 25% more cards per session – this makes sense, as most people can type faster and make fewer accidental mistakes than when trying to hit the right letter on a tiny mobile screen.

The blue line shows the number of cards users learn per day on our web application. Red and green lines represent the number of cards done on mobile devices. We have also heard in user interviews that people get in the flow of learning much easier and faster when they really focus and drill their vocab on the computer.

Lingvist number of cards learned

If you’re serious about making progress, you should definitely check out the web version of Lingvist.

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