Announcing New Course Focuses for French and Spanish!

Our French and Spanish linguists have been super busy the past six months, working hard to bring you even more course focuses.

French & Spanish course focuses

These are courses available outside of the general course, where you can study vocabulary on a certain theme or topic. New users get access to a free trial automatically and have the chance to sample these courses!

New Spanish Course Focuses

These are only available in European Spanish, but they will be coming soon to our Latin American Spanish (beta) course.

New French Course Focuses

EnvironmentNutritionPrepositionsThe Supernatural
HealthNew TechnologiesThe Human BodyHolidays
FamilyActivities and Leisure TimeFeelings and EmotionsThe Weather

If you still don’t see the topic you’re looking for, remember that you can create your own Lingvist course in French or Spanish with Custom Decks!

Happy learning!

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