Best YouTube Channels for Learning German

Whether you are a beginner or an expert German learner, there is something for you on YouTube. YouTube is an infinite source for language learning – it’s free, enjoyable, and effective. To help you navigate the vast seas of video content, we have found the best YouTube channels for learning German.

YouTube as a Language Learning Tool

Why is YouTube good for language learning? The answer is obvious – learning a language YouTube-style is not limited to just watching videos.

You can read comments written by native speakers and learn from them. You can also write and post your own comments in the foreign language that you are learning. What’s more, there are videos with transcripts available, which will help you understand foreign content much better.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more ideas: try translating random video comments into your target language or even uploading your own practice videos, asking for feedback from native speakers or other advanced language learners.

Next, we will focus on the best YouTube channels for learning German that we divided into categories based on interest. All of them are worth a watch!

Funny YouTube Channels for Learning German

We all enjoy language learning when it’s filled with joy, so let us first introduce you to some funny YouTube channels for learning German.


Looking to learn German? Struggling and need some extra assistance? Perhaps you have moved to Germany or are just visiting and want to speak it fluently, so you can experience the country with ease and confidence?

The host, Michael, covers a wide range of German language topics, including grammar, speaking, reading, and much more.

Learn how to take advantage of the immense potential of your own mind to fully enjoy your German learning.

Deutsch für Euch

One of the most popular YouTube channels for learning German, Deutsch für Euch is free and a lot of fun!

Deutsch Für Euch means “German for you” – the project’s main focus is to give both extensive and accessible grammar explanations, a concept that’s pretty unique in this form on YouTube. However, you’ll find everything from beginner material to advanced, detailed analyses of grammar topics.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen!


Here are more entertaining German lessons, presented in English.

Trixie, a 30-year-old mother of two from Germany, uploads funny educational videos for learning German. This YouTube channel will teach you about German language, society, and culture, in a rather sweet and fun way.

YouTube Channels for Learning Business German

Business Deutsch mit Vasilena Petkova

Targeting German companies and businesspeople? Vasilena Petkova offers tips that will help you get your footing in a competitive German business environment.

Learning business matters in any language is often dry, yet Vasilena practices a friendlier approach.


This YouTube channel focuses on teaching German grammar and vocabulary for daily life and career. ExpertlyGerman is perfectly suitable for beginning and intermediate speakers.

Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Channels for Learning German

If you are into lifestyle, beauty, and fashion vloggers, here’s our list of the top-notch YouTube channels for learning German:

Advanced German Lessons on YouTube

Looking for advanced German lessons instead? If you feel confident navigating such tricky topics as German adjective endings, here are the YouTube channels you should know about.

Deutsch lernen mit der DW

DeutscheWelle is one of the biggest news organizations in Germany, which creates and publishes news content, documentaries, and special reports in over 30 languages.

This DW YouTube channel focuses on learning German at all levels – from beginner to advanced.

Deutsch mit Marija

Originally from Latvia, Marija Dobrovolska has been living in Germany for over 16 years. On her popular YouTube channel, Deutsch mit Marija, she shares tips and tricks for learning German, which aim at helping non-native speakers pass German proficiency exams.

Check out all of these YouTube channels for learning German that are rich with information, entertaining, and absolutely free.

Learn German with is an online website for learning German that you should explore if you want to learn to speak, read, write, and listen to German at different levels.

Get ready to start speaking German from the very first lesson!


“Learn German with Julia” offers German lessons for beginners and advanced learners.

Deutsch mit Julia began in 2009, during a recession in Ireland (The author has a science teaching background and has been living in Ireland for many years). Julia, a native German, has been posting ever since. She started with short stories about Kieron and Elaine – two Irish natives with perfect German – and their little adventures in Berlin for advanced learners, but has by now also created a popular German beginner course.

In addition, you can also visit for scripts and more!

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