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10 Local Sayings from French-Speaking Countries

Sep 14, 2015 | Learn-french

French speakers often use proverbs, sayings and expressions in the everyday's life. To make sure you don't get lost in translation, here is a selection of some local idioms from French speaking areas!

The Lingvist Mobile App Is Here!

Jun 1, 2015 | New

Today is a very special day for us at Lingvist. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released the Lingvist mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Hotel & Restaurant Vocabulary Guide

Apr 30, 2015 | Learn-french

Travelling is a great way to improve your French skills, but in case you have some trouble at your hotel or in restaurants we've prepared this vocabulary guide to help you a bit.

Do You Know These 10 “New” French Words?

Apr 23, 2015 | Learn-french

We have prepared a short compilation of the new “official” words in French, which have been added to dictionaries over the last few years, along with their meanings!

5 Mistakes French People Always Make

Mar 30, 2015 | Learn-french

You may have been learning French for a few weeks now. Or maybe you are just planning to start. Either way, you might be afraid of practicing your speaking skills; afraid of making mistakes.

It’s Francophonie Day !

Mar 20, 2015 | Learn-french

Today, on March 20, is the official International Francophonie Day. It should be easy to find various events to learn more about the French culture or exchange thoughts with French speakers.

Learn 1000 French Words in Just 14 Hours

Mar 9, 2015 | Learn-french

In December we asked an unsuspecting member of the public, Kristel, 28, to try out Lingvist for 2 weeks and tell us how it improved her French. The results were breathtaking.

The Secret Formula to Fast Language Learning

Jan 29, 2015 | Learn

Tips on how to get the most out of Lingvist and learn a language faster!

Day 14: French Experiment Done!

Dec 16, 2014 | Learn-french

Kristel has finished her 14 day French experiement with Lingvist. Find out more about her experience!

Tips from TED Translators

Dec 4, 2014 | Learn

We discovered a good article on TED Blogs, sharing tips for language learning from people who operate in 2 or more languages every day - translators.

What to Expect from Lingvist Beta

Oct 12, 2014 | New

You can expect to learn up to 5000 words on our English-French module, making it roughly equivalent to a B2 level speaker.

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