Day 1: Learn French for 14 days

Learn-french | 7 November 2014

Kristel, 28, has taken on the challenge of being a beta tester of Lingvist and will learn French for 14 days to see what it’s like to use an adaptive algorithm for language learning. Read her first introductory post here.

“The goal assigned to me by Lingvist is to go through 300 word cards every day. They warned me it would take approx. 1h every day. The first experience proves that they were not mistaken. 

Word cards today: 317 (got carried away) Learned words today: 167 Time: 1h9m4s

After using Lingvist properly for the first day, I must admit - I am positively surprised. Today I spent my time mainly with the flash cards under the section “Memorize”. 

As I have learned some French before, I almost got carried away with testing how much I could remember from previous studies. I got very annoyed with myself whenever I couldn’t remember the words that I once knew. This made me want to fix my mistakes and prove to the software (as well as myself) that next time the same word pops up I could write it down flawlessly. A strange type of satisfaction. But it works! I really like that Lingvist forces you to go back to the words you got wrong the first time. 

I also appreciated hearing the pronunciation of the sentences after writing down the missing word. It helped to illustrate the difference between written and oral language. I often found myself ‘accidentally’ repeating the sentences out loud to myself after hearing them. The translation option seems well-considered and is definitely necessary.

My feedback for the Beta version:

  • It would be good to first see the full translation in your mother tongue and then the written sentence in a foreign language with the missing word. I think it might help me to memorize the full sentences better. 
  • I missed seeing the entire score of my daily word cards on the “Memorize” page counters. I was also a bit confused about the “Suggested tests per day” pie on the Dashboard. I was hoping it would start the countdown again if I exceeded the suggested number of cards.