Day 12: Learn French for 14 days

Learn-french | 28 November 2014

Kristel, 28, has taken on the challenge of being an active beta tester of Lingvist and will learn French for 14 days to see what it’s like to use an adaptive algorithm for language learning. Check out her previous post from Day 10.

I’m almost at the end of my 14-day-trial finish line. And things are looking good!

Learned words total: 933 Entire study time: 12 hours 21 mins

My daily scores (rate of correct entries) have gone up again. Turns out that as annoying as it is, if you repeatedly keep typing the same word wrong, in the end – it will stick with you :-) Lingvist has proved that even the most annoying words can be memorized … eventually. 

I’m doing OK with Reading, but Listening is another matter. I get especially annoyed when there are 3 dialogs in a row with kids speaking in them. Listening to French native speakers takes extra effort anyway (remember the singing aliens?) … but the way kids talk and pronounce words is different. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against children. Yet I have always thought that kids should be forbidden from the radio and other mediums where one can only hear the sound and not have any visuals to aid you. It’s not cute. It’s annoying. 

My recommendations to improve Lingvist Beta:

Less dialogs with kids :). The truth is – I am always struggling to motivate myself to do the listening exercises. When I think about it, I believe that one of the reasons for it is that there’s little ‘catchiness’ to current listening exercises. Nothing to get you excited, nothing to want to push yourself, test your abilities, compare the results, etc. The ‘Memorize’ section, however, is very catchy! The way it makes you want to prove to the program that next time you will do better, etc … Brilliant! So I thought that maybe there should also be a simple ‘test’ of some sort after every listening exercise. This way people could also see how their listening is improving and keep score of their progress. 

Lingvist replies:

Thanks for this! Adding to the catchiness of Listening exercises makes a lot of sense. At the moment you don’t get any immediate feedback from Lingvist after you finish reading or listening.

To give all our readers a little background info – we are definitely planning on adding more exercise types, and based on this feedback, we will start with Listening. But it’s not only a question of creating the content; we also need to make tweaks to the adaptive algorithm that guarantees learning efficacy on Lingvist. But this will definitely be a priority in the future!