Experiment: Learn French with Lingvist for 14 days

Learn-french | 7 November 2014

Hi guys! A lot of you have asked if Lingvist is for beginners or advanced learners, and while we’ve designed the software for all levels in mind, it may be daunting to start learning French online and on your own.

In order to illustrate just how it feels to be learning French with an online tool, we’ve challenged a newbie student to learn with Lingvist for 14 days.

She will complete 300 Memorize tests, and one listening and one reading exercise per day. After 14 days, we’re giving her a real-life exam to see how she’s progressed with her French in that time. 


Who? Kristel, 28 years old

Why are you participating in this experiment? Out of curiosity as well as a cliché-ish desire to speak fluent French.

Have you learned French before? How long? Yes, for one semester.

What’s your level? Can you speak French? Do you understand written text? Allegedly acquired A2 skills, in reality can’t speak anything :)

What other languages do you speak? Estonian, English, some German

“To be honest, just after saying ‘yes’ to Lingvist’s challenge to be one of their dedicated beta testers, I realized I had made a commitment that might turn out to be quite ridiculous to keep. For me personally - most programs that require everyday routine during my free time can turn out to be….rather unfitting.

Learning a new language is of course one of these things that takes a lot of self-motivation and discipline. Unfortunately, my previous history has proven that even if I am very willing and excited to turn up for a language session with a teacher, I’m still hopeless when it’s time to do homework. Not a thing to be proud of. Yet the harsh truth.

At the same time I think that Lingvist might still turn out to be one of the best language-learning platforms there is. I have often wondered if the old ways of language teaching are really the best. Maybe one does just need a good set of vocabulary and a strong will to practice it in real life.

As I am trying to stay uncompromisingly honest here with my shortcomings and future opinions, let it also be said that I have learned a bit of French before. Took a semester of French while studying in Brussels. Even managed to get through the A2 level exams and got a paper to prove it. In harsh reality…I am still currently incapable of ordering my food in a restaurant and participating in simple conversations.

All in all - facing the upcoming challenge with Lingvist, I feel curious but also a little skeptical. Time will tell. Will keep you posted about my struggles and accomplishments.”