Just Finished the Course, Now What?

by Hilary St Jonn | Learn | 17 January 2017

Have you finished all the words you could learn with the current Lingvist course? Congratulations!

Now what should you do? If you don’t speak your target language fluently, you are going to want to continue practicing, which you can do with Lingvist!

Practice 100 Words Daily

Repetition is the key to knowledge.

If you don’t use the knowledge you gathered from Lingvist, it will quickly disapate. That is why we recommend you continue to practice 100 words each day.

Try to get a 98% correctness rate or higher. Then you can say that you really know the langauge.

Start Course Focuses

Did you know that our Course Focus has new vocabulary not necessarily available in the general course? We plan on releasing more and more Course Focuses from topics such as business, to travel and football/soccer.

Simply tap on the “General language” button on the hub page and you will be taken to all of the course focus your language pair has available.

Find Course Focus

Practice Speaking

Now this is something Lingvist cannot help you with. In order to use a language, you must practice speaking it. Find a buddy to practice with through Skype or at a local coffee shop, or hirer a tutor to help you with speaking.

If you live in the country where the language you are learning is, then you are lucky because you will have some speaking opportunities. But they may be far and few between, so make sure to find someone you can speak with.

Do you have an idea of what people should do to keep up the skills they learned on Lingvist? Reply below and let us know! We may even update this article.