Just Finished the Course, Now What?

Have you finished learning all the words in the current Lingvist course? Congratulations!

Now what should you do? If you don’t want to lose what you’ve gained, then you’ll need to continue practicing, which you can do with Lingvist!

Practice 100 Words Daily

Repetition is the key to securing what you’ve learned.

If you don’t use the knowledge you have gained with Lingvist, it will quickly fade. That is why we recommend you continue to practice 100 words each day, aiming for a 98% correct rate or higher on repeat words. Read more about spaced repetition and how it works here.

Practice with Lingvist Decks and Custom Decks

Did you know that Lingvist decks often feature words not found in the general course?

To see all of the decks your language pair has available, go to the hub and scroll down the list.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, then you can also create your own deck with the Custom Decks tool, which is very easy to use. Firstly, choose how you’d like to start: you can add your own list of words related to a specific topic, or you can upload an image or text and Lingvist will pull words from this content to create the deck.

You can also edit the content that you add to the deck. We recommend using our web application to do this, as it has more options.

Extend the course

A few months ago, we made it possible for learners with the Custom Decks tool to extend the content of the general language deck and Lingvist decks once they get to the end.

When you choose to extend the course, Lingvist will add 50 new words to your list, and you can extend as many times as you like.

Listening Practice

Although you are used to hearing your Lingvist cards spoken aloud, it is a completely different challenge to comprehend longer passages of speech.

For Spanish learners, we have a separate blog post on “The Best Spanish Podcasts” that you can benefit from, while French learners can refer to this blog post on France 24, a free news service.

Not into news? How about music? Create your own playlist for Spanish, German, or Portuguese music on Spotify and try to follow the lyrics and sing along.

This logic applies to all learners: find the resources that suit your budget and interest!

Speaking Practice

Speaking is the most essential practice and a great way to evaluate your current level during the language learning journey. Unfortunately, apart from the voice input feature that allows you to practice your pronunciation, Lingvist isn’t optimized to help users in this field.

There are, however, abundant resources available online, as well as various techniques to make the most of them. “Speech shadowing,” for example, is a technique that allows you to practice wherever and whenever you want, also focusing on the accent of a particular region if you wish.

If you live in a country where the language you are learning is commonly used, then make sure to benefit from every opportunity to use it. If not, make the effort to find a buddy to practice with on Skype, Zoom, or at a local coffee shop, or hire a tutor to help you with speaking.

Do you have an idea for how learners can maintain the skills they have gained using Lingvist? Reply below and let us know!

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