Flag the Change You Want to See in the (Lingvist) World

At Lingvist, we believe that there’s always room for improvement! The technology powering your Lingvist experience constantly tailors content according to your account history to provide you with level-appropriate practice opportunities.

We also know that our Lingvist learners are proactive people; after all, learning a new language is one of the most forward-thinking activities in an increasingly globalized world!

We encourage all of our Lingvist learners to take an active role in their learning experience, and we’ve now made it even easier to give us feedback on the fly, with a built-in card feedback and flagging function. If you see a card that lets you practice the exact vocabulary you’ve been hoping for or one that challenges you at the perfect level, tap “I like this card” in order to see more like it in the future. If you feel that a certain card isn’t so useful to you, tap “I don’t like this card” to let our linguistic team know.

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This feedback allows you to help shape Lingvist into the language learning experience that you need.

Spotted an issue? Tell us about it!

We also want to know if you’re experiencing any issues with a certain card, whether it be technical or content related. Perhaps you’ve come up with another way to answer that you believe should be an option or a synonym that you think is a valid response. Just because it’s not immediately accepted doesn’t mean it’s wrong – it may be that we just haven’t thought of it yet! Use one of the options in the “Report a problem” menu and we’ll be sure to take a second look at that card.

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The Lingvist team is dedicated to helping you accomplish your language goals as quickly as possible, which means we always need feedback on how to provide you the most useful content. Thanks for taking an active role in shaping the future of Lingvist!

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