We’re looking for a Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team immediately.

About Lingvist

Lingvist’s mission is to develop learning technology that enables radical improvement in human learning efficiency.

The prototype for Lingvist was developed by our CEO as a hobby project at CERN, while working as part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson. After showing the prototype to the core engineers who built Skype and changed the world with video calls, they co-founded Lingvist to make the next big thing happen in the EdTech space.

This technology has initially been applied to language learning, growing organically to 1M ARR and demonstrating exceptionally strong product metrics. Our long-term vision is to outscale this technology to other fields of education and accelerate human learning in almost any field – to make a massive positive impact on the world.

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join Lingvist Labs, our research and rapid prototyping team.


  • Work as part of the research team developing prototypes for new learning technologies
  • Implement experiments validating the effectiveness of learning technologies


  • Hands-on experience with full-stack development
    • Experience working with Python backends, or extensive experience with other backend development tools and interest in learning Python
    • A web development ninja with a modern framework: Vue.js, React, Flutter, etc. (HTML, CSS, and other web development basics are implied ;))
    • Working familiarity with SQL databases
    • Familiarity with AWS, serverless technologies, and/or modern hosting technology is a big plus
  • Interest in Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science is a big plus

To be a good match for this role, you will need:

  • Willingness to prototype, iterate, and validate ideas fast
  • Passion for learning new things
  • Good verbal and written communication skills (in English)
  • Ability to take initiative, set your own priorities, and follow them
  • Interest in being a team player who helps make Lingvist a great place to work
  • Desire to make the world a better place through technology

We offer:

  • Opportunity to learn new things
  • Responsibility from day one; professional and personal development
  • Opportunity to turn your great ideas into a high-quality, world-changing product
  • Friendly work environment – we understand the value of flexibility and work–life balance
  • Flexible location: Work from our Tallinn office or remotely from Europe.

If Lingvist sounds like a company you’d be interested in joining, then please fill out the form here.