говорила or сказала

One of our users asked a very good question about our card “Я же говорила.” But why not сказала?

сказать - is the perfective aspect of “to say”, which emphasizes the result or the desire to finish something.

Я скажу ему завтра. - I will tell him tomorrow. Он что-то сказал, когда я вошла. - He said something when I came in.

говорить - is the imperfective aspect of “to say”, which emphasizes the process of doing something (so, the process is important).

Я же говорила! also implies that the person was telling something more than once.

Завтра он будет говорить с директором. - He will talk to the manager tomorrow. Он что-то говорил, когда я вошла. - He was saying something when I came in.

So, technically you can use both in the given sentence, but they would have a slightly different meaning.

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