We are back!

New | 2 April 2014


Hi there,

we are really sorry that you haven’t heard of us in the past 24h. It was rather rude of us to keep you in radio silence. We just weren’t anticipating such interest – we received 10 times as many requests for beta invites as we were expecting to – we had to take some time to adjust to the new volumes. In the meanwhile, the Clock of Doom here at TechStars (pictured above; actually, it’s way further down the road now, but it’s also in radio silence mode right now :/) has been ticking ruthlessly away.

So, we just wanted to let you know that with a slight delay, we have gone live and have started to roll out the first invitations! As we have limited places for the private beta, many of you will have to wait some time before we can send out your invitation, but in the meanwhile you can check in on our progress here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Cheers! Team Lingvist