How to get started

New | 28 October 2014

We want to share a short post with all our new users today. It’s easy to learn a new language with Lingvist, even with no prior experience. 

1. We’ll tell you what to do.

When you first log in, a welcome tour will take you through all the crucial steps. Just follow the instructions, it’s super simple! You’ll start learning useful words immediately. The first 50 are selected to help you get an intuitive grasp of the language you’re going to learn. 


2. Try different exercises

We recommend learning daily in little increments and setting a goal for yourself. For example, 20-30 minutes at a time, while your concentration is still sharp. Try and complete one Listening and one Reading exercise daily, too. Pick the one which includes the highest percentage of familiar words to you. You can find these exercises on the left in the Header.


3. Check your progress on the Dashboard

We keep track of your learning on a personalized Dashboard. Check it out to see how much time you’ve spent on learning and how many words you’ve already added to your vocabulary!


4. Learn from your mistakes.

Grammar hints pop up every time you make a mistake to help you understand where you went wrong.


5. When in doubt, hover!

If you’re unsure about what something on the screen is supposed to tell you, simply hover your mouse on the object and tooltips will appear to help you.


Was this helpful? We’d love to hear your feedback and know how you’re getting on with your studies. Drop us a line via the feedback form on Lingvist or via