It's our birthday!

New | 3 April 2014


It was exactly a year ago that Mait and Ott first talked in public at Prototron about the idea of Language Accelerator. What a year it has been!

We have: 

  • come out with a prototype; 
  • found fantastic investors to back the further development of the program;
  • found a home in an incubator;
  • pitched at SeedCamp;
  • put together a team of excellent developers, philologists and business; developers;
  • pitched at Slush;
  • and now we’re in TechStars!

A great thank you to Prototron! Prototron is a pitching competition in Estonia that gives funds to build the initial idea of your prototype. The idea of an advanced language learning tool resonated with the jury and Ott and Mait walked away with € 9900 to build a prototype and the support and interest from people who in the future would become investors. 


Another big thanks to our home in Tallinn that has hosted and supported us for a better part of our development so far – the Creative Incubator in Tallinn.


Although were very much in TechStars mode and will be working the way through our birthday, but you’re welcome to celebrate for us! (I’m pretty sure we’ll sneak out for a drink later in the evening ;)