Learning Tip - Dueling Wikipedia

by Hilary | Learn | 7 February 2017

Dueling Wikipedia

We got a great tip from one of our community members, Danny.He likes to use Wikipedia as a reading room, opening one window in English and the same article in a second browser window in Español, for example

Bread page in English

Bread page in Spanish

The good thing about this is that he is interested in the topic itself - he chose this particualr topic because he wanted to make bread - and this motivates contact with the language.

We would like to warn you that Wikipedia articles describing the same topic in different languages are not a direct translation from one language to another and could differ quite substantially, and sometimes even contradict each other.

Even though this is very attractive and accessible approach, it should used with some caution.

It’s also an interesting exercise for learning how a native speaker would express keywords, or focus on certain ways of expressing too. the important thing is to read critically and make sure to separate the writer’s bias about the topic from the writer’s style in the language.

This works best for general topics, like Danny’s example with bread, since it’s a broad subject with lots of general knowledge used.

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