Learning with Lingvist in 10 GIFS

Using Lingvist is an amazing adventure towards fluency in a foreign language. Learning with Lingvist is often fun, sometimes a bit complicated, but never boring!

Because one gif is worth ten thousand words, we figured out it was the easiest way to summarize the Lingvist experience!

When you first read that you could learn a language in only 200 hours.

crazy fast language learning!

Yes, we know. It may sound crazy at first sight. But don’t be that suspicious, we actually did it, and so will you!

When you are on fire after 150 correct answers in a row.


Our daily life is full of small achievements that make us proud of ourselves. Fixing a shelf, or sucessfully cooking your first chocolate cake for example. Completing such a serie of correct answers on Lingvist is one of them! So be proud, swagger about it and celebrate the proper way. You’ve just achieved something great!

When we explain how Lingvist works.

science lingvist

Smart algorithm, stastical analysis, big data: Lingvist is all about science. And this is how you can learn so fast!

When someone tells you he is trying to learn a language without Lingvist.


Not all superheroes wear capes. Some of them just use Lingvist to learn a new language. But as you are not Superman, there is no need to hide your secret! So stop making fun of your friends, and share the word to help them learn as fast as you do.

When you meet another Lingvist user.

lingvist user

Maybe you haven’t realised yet, but you are among the lucky ones. The ones who are learning superfast thanks to Lingvist. And there are a lot of you out there. So if by any chance you meet another Lingvist user, why not exchange some of your learning tips? In French, of course!

When you have the answer to a flashcard on the tip of your tongue.

flashcard on the tip of your tongue

This is one of the frustrating moments in learning a language. Just relax, take a big breath and the answer might come back. After all, this is also part of the learning process. Eventually, with more practice, words will come out of your mouth in a smoother way.

When you check your progress on your personal dashboard.

progress dashboard

Consistency is a critical part in language learning. To help you monitor your progress and your new skills on a daily basis, just check out your personal dashboard. You might be amazed by your own progress!

When your day at work is over, and you are in a hurry to go home to continue learning on Lingvist.

learning home lingvist

We’ve made Lingvist helpful, simple to use but unfortunately (or not!) also addictive.

When you go through the jokes list in the Reading and Listening section.

jokes lingvist

It’s well-known that laughter is good for your health. Since we care about our users, you can find some jokes among the reading and listening material on Lingvist. By the way, have you heard the one about the mouse and the elephant?

When you realize you actually learned a language in 200h.

language in 200h realization

If you haven’t reached this point yet, be patient! You will be astonished by your progress after so little time.

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