Lingvist 2.0 - what’s new?

New | 14 October 2014

This week we’ve released a new version of Lingvist with several big developments we’ve worked on over the summer. We’re still in Beta, but this version is definitely looking sharp … sort of like the equivalent of Beta in smart casual attire. 

A new look

We’ve changed the interface to have a more active look and feel. We made sure not to destroy anything that was already working well, so you can find the menu and critical functions located in the same place as before. We’ve made navigation and interaction with Lingvist smoother and more intuitive.


Special characters

As all languages have their special characters, it can be hard to find shortcuts for them on your keyboard. We now have made it easy for you. And when you’re feeling extra lazy you can skip it and enter a regular letter where a special one is required.


Additonal information tips are better than ever

Every time you enter a synonym or make a recurring mistake, the information tab opens up, highlighting how those words should actually be used. We’ve added more content to this section, and the algorithm is better at detecting why you might get the word wrong.


Read and listen

We’ve reworked the reading and listening sections to give you a better overview of what you’ve learned (take note of your favorites by clicking “Add to favorites”) and vote on texts and audios so that we can add more of the kind of materials that are useful for your studies.


New robot friend Thomas

Our audio robots in the first Beta release seemed to have stage fright; they didn’t always say words correctly and sometimes even stopped half way through the sentence. Log in to meet Thomas and Virginie - our new French robot friends who will help you train your ear and practice your pronunciation. 


We’d love to hear your feedback.

What’s kept you learning with Lingvist? What do you like just as it is. What would you like us to fix still?


'’Til next time