Lingvist and PChome Announce a Partnership in Taiwan

Education technology pioneers Lingvist and Taiwanese e-commerce provider PChome have announced a partnership today. The partnership aims to deliver a new type of learning technology to Mandarin-speaking language learners.

Lingvist is the first language learning tool to effectively use AI to drive the learning process. The program adapts to the skills and knowledge of each and every learner, making for a language learning process which is substantially faster than traditional classroom-based learning. PChome has a proven track record for partnering up with innovative services and being pioneers in bringing them to consumers. Given the planned reach of the partnership and the results of initial research on learning speed, the collaboration is expected to save more than 3 million hours’ worth of time for Mandarin-speaking English learners in its first year.

“Language learning in it’s most familiar form is still a painfully slow process,” said Dr. Mait Müntel, co-founder and CEO of Lingvist. “We’ve turned the devices people learn on into smart tutors who can personalize the study material for each and every learner. This significantly reduces inefficiencies in language learning and makes it much faster,” explained Dr. Müntel. “We chose Taiwan because this is the best place to launch an innovation. The people of Taiwan are fantastic early adopters and will help us shape Lingvist into a product which will redefine the way the world learns languages.”

“Over the past two decades, the Internet has changed almost every business sector. In the near future, AI will be the key to change aspects of every industry. It will be ubiquitous. You’ll see its application in language learning of course. In terms of AI-aided language learning, no one in the world has gone faster and further than Lingvist has. Now PChome is working with the founding team of Skype again, to bring AI-aided language learning to Taiwan. Through Lingvist, we hope to promote language learning in Taiwan.”, said Chairman of LinkTel Inc. Hung-Tze Jan.

Lingvist is an innovative language learning platform designed to help users learn quickly and effectively by tailoring training to their needs. The platform uses statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms to make learning a language faster and more efficient. Its adaptive algorithm filters out anything a user already knows or doesn’t know, determining precise learning needs and customising the course content according to what they still need to learn. The platform has enabled over 500,000 people around the world to learn significantly faster. Lingvist is both the provider of course content and the web-based technology platform through which it is delivered and is backed by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, early DeepMind investor Jaan Tallinn and the EU H2020 program. PChome is the largest e-commerce group in Taiwan, reporting NT$25.743 billion in consolidated revenue in 2016. It has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since January 2005, with the largest B2C portal PChome24h Shopping and the best C2C website Ruten Auction. The B2C PChome24h, which is one of the most comprehensive e-commerce sites in Taiwan, carries over 5 million items, of which 1.9 million are on offer with pioneering 24-hour delivery in Taiwan. A new 6-hour delivery service in Taipei City is currently in beta service. LinkTel Inc. is also a subsidiary of PChome. Lingvist is a new service brought to Taiwan by LinkTel in 2017.

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