Lingvist Educator Tools Available for Free Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Lingvist is offering its platform of online language learning tools to educators free of charge in certain locations* until July 31, 2020.

As physical schools close around the world to protect the health and safety of those who study and work there, the quick transition to virtual classrooms is presenting difficulties for educators, students, and parents. While lectures can be streamed using video-conferencing tools, we know that the interactive nature of foreign language instruction makes it particularly complicated to recreate.

At Lingvist, we have been striving to make language learning more efficient through the medium of technology. We believe our tools can not only curb the disadvantages that students face in staying on track with their studies, but also help educators effortlessly monitor the progress of their students in the absence of face-to-face interaction.

Lingvist is perfectly suited for blended learning techniques, allowing students to learn vocabulary and gain exposure to grammar concepts on their own and educators to more fully utilize the time spent in video chats for clarification and conversation practice.

Educators of all types, including tutors, teachers, private language instructors, or parents homeschooling their children, can take advantage of the following resources for free until July 31:

  • Our vocabulary learning tool, powered by a spaced-repetition algorithm.
  • Lingvist Classroom – aggregated statistical tracking that allows educators to monitor the progress of all of their students in one place.
  • Course Wizard – a course creation tool that allows you to custom-build activities based on vocabulary in your syllabus or from an excerpt of text. The process takes only seconds and assigning it to your classroom is easy. Available only in certain language pairs**.
  • Free webinar on how to start using Lingvist, including the Classroom and Course Wizard tools, on March 23 at 11 a.m. GMT. Join us via this link:

We know that educators are some of the most resourceful and creative professionals, and we feel honored to be able to make a contribution to the extreme efforts that they are making during this unprecedented challenge. We hope that the availability of our tools can support the continuation of learning in new formats and facilitate the connection of communities virtually.

Go to for more information on Lingvist Classroom, or click here to get started right away for free.

*We know that many students may be displaced due to travel restrictions or may have returned to their home countries. For this reason, educators can add students to their virtual classrooms from anywhere in the world; however, educators must be located in one of the following countries to take advantage of this offer: Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, or Portugal.

**Course Wizard is currently available in the following language pairs: From English to French and Spanish From Japanese, Traditional Chinese, German, and Spanish to English

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