Lingvist's employee of the month #2: June 2015

New | 6 July 2015

Every month, one of our team members will get their moment of fame on the Lingvist Blog. This allows you to get to know the Lingvist team better and discover who is helping you learn languages faster!

To help you learn more effectively and efficiently, Lingvist combines the power of computer science and languages.

In May, we highlighted the importance of technology with Igor from the software development team. Today, it’s time to reward a member of the linguists’ crew for their hard work!

Let’s meet Sabina, our employee of the month for June!

Hello Sabina, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m from Estonia and I’ve been working as a philologist at Lingvist for 2 months now. So far I’ve been in charge of developing our new Russian to English module and will keep working on adding new languages to the programme in the future.

As a language-lover, I studied to be German and English teacher. I also love art and photography, so I’m constantly trying to divide my time between family, work, and hobbies.


So far, your work at Lingvist has included two languages – English and Russian – and therefore two cultures. Let’s see which one is your favourite!

- Beer or vodka? I tried vodka once. Since that day, whenever I need to choose between vodka and beer, I choose beer. - London or Saint Petersburg? Saint Petersburg is such a wonderful city. To me, the history and the architecture make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hard to compete! - Shakespeare or Tolstoy? I love Tolstoy, and I think one quote in particular from Anna Karenina is a great tip for all of us: “The more he did nothing, the less time he had to do anything.” Let’s start learning a new language right now! - Fish and chips or borscht? There is nothing better than a good bowl of borscht to help you keep warm in the harsh Estonian winter.

Today, you help thousands of users learn a new language. What kind of a student were you?

I guess we should be asking this from my teachers to get an objective answer! Personally, I think I was a very good student – quiet and paying close attention to the lesson. What I liked most was analysing literature and debating on various subjects.

One of the best benefits of learning new languages is the opportunity to travel. What is your dream destination?

I have been dreaming of going to Italy for a long time. I’m fascinated by its culture and history and I think that many Italian places depict romanticism the way I see it.

I apologise to all lovers of France, but Italy totally beats it!

As a former language student, what is your best advice for language learning success?

It’s an obvious advice, but a regular practice is probably one of the most important parts of language learning. By chance, there is a lot of entertaining ways to practice: watching TV, listening radio or reading on a daily basis is both funny and useful!

Actually, to help people practice with fun, Lingvist includes jokes among the listening and reading material. Tell us you favourite joke!

First of all, I feel like I should warn our audience that jokes are not really my forte, but I heard one I really enjoyed this morning and thought I’d share it with our users!

A wife asks her husband: “Did you change the destination of the car GPS to Rostov?” The husband answers: “Yes, why?” And the wife says: “Well done, now I’m in Rostov!”

Ba dum tss!

How would you describe working at Lingvist in one word?

I would say cosy: the team at Lingvist is like a family and working here really feels like home.

In your opinion, what song best describes Lingvist as a learning tool?

Help! by The Beatles is a perfect representation of Lingvist. Most of our users have already tried many other methods for learning a new language without success, and with Lingvist they can finally achieve their objective. That’s also the story of Mait, our CEO!

I’ve personally used Lingvist to start learning French, and it’s such a great help for beginners like myself.

Do you have a message for our users?

I would like to highlight the fact that Lingvist is still in its beta version. So if our users encounter an issue or have a suggestion, we really like to hear from them! Receiving feedback is the best way for us to keep improving Lingvist and helping people to learn languages faster and better!