Lingvist’s Improved Milestones Mean More Motivation!

We here at Lingvist get a really special view into how people learn with us, and nothing makes us more happier than using it to help bring you faster, more effective, and more motivating ways to learn. We’ve looked at some of that data and as a result, we’re delighted to announce the release of our new-and-improved Milestones feature to your Lingvist language learning experience!

Achieve a new Milestone in just 20 minutes of learning!

For now, half of users who are learning with the Lingvist web app will be seeing the new Milestones. We’ll be rolling the feature out to everyone over the next months.

New Milestones means new daily goals to help you not only track your progress with guessed cards, new words, and repeated words you get correct, but they’ll also keep you motivated to follow through with your new language learning habits.

We’ve created 3 daily goals for you:

-100 cards guessed

-20 new words learned

-80% correct on word repeats

The best part? If you’re learning with Lingvist every day, achieving all three of these goals will probably take you only about 20 minutes.

We’ve based this Milestone on the idea of “small habits, big goals”. Just 20 words a day adds up — a little over 32 weeks and you’ll have gotten exposure to a vocabulary of around 5000 words, even if you start with zero knowledge of new language.

New Milestone goals should only take you 20 minutes to achieve

The goals that are now in the Milestones are just the beginning of an exciting Milestones evolution — we’ll be constantly analysing what goals are most achievable, motivating, and effective to better shape challenges for you!

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