Meet a Lingvist user: Jaanus (41)

News | 23 October 2014

Who’s Lingvist for, you ask? Let’s meet some of our users to find out!


‘I needed to learn French, because I’m currently living in Luxembourg – it’s a French-speaking country. I’ve been taking language courses for a few years, and now supplementing those with Lingvist. I’ve kept studying on Lingvist, because it’s really catchy and you get a thrill from learning new words. Especially when you check your Dashboard to see how smart you already are and want to increase the number of correct streaks. I haven’t really tried alternatives, because I’ve been happy with Lingvist from the get-go.’

My favourite features

‘Memorizing new words in the flash card game! In the early days of beta, Listening exercises weren’t great, but now that proper voices are doing the voiceover, it’s a lot better. I think the Listening section could prove to be the most useful in the long run. And it’s good that you can read the transcript on the side. The flash card game is really clever though, as it asks you to repeat the words you didn’t know or misspelled, after a while.’

My criticism

‘I wish there was an option to see the translation of the whole phrase in the Reading section. At the moment you can only see them one-by-one. But sometimes you can’t piece together the meaning like that. I also wish there were grammar exercises in the future.’

Who would benefit from Lingvist?

‘I think Lingvist is perfect for people who have some prior knowledge in French and who want to take language classes on the side. It works perfectly as one complements the other.’