Mentor Week Wrap-up.

New | 7 April 2014

What an intense week – last Monday seems like a lightyear ago!

For one, we announced funding and private beta last week and the interest has been overwhelming which is really great and inspiring. On the downside, we weren’t decently prepared to handle this many requests and this caused us to fall behind on rolling out the invitations and replying to requests. We are working on this and hope to get more replies and invitations out real soon!

On the TechStars front, we survived our first week of Mentor Meetings. What they do here is that they set you up with numerous smart, talented, well-connected and driven people and give you 20 minutes to pick their brains on whatever is troubling you regarding the company. They do this for 5 days in a row with 7 meetings on every day. It’s intense, requires a lot of concentration and an open mind.

Our questions mostly rotated around business model and product development. We got some really valuable input from the mentors, some reminders about rather obvious things we haven’t completed yet and a decent amount of whiplash that inspired further discussion among our team. There were a few mentors with whom we really clicked and hope to work with in the future. 

This is what the meetings looked like from above:


Our main takeaways were that at this stage, we have to work really hard with the product, both improving functionalities and UX and show measurable progress for beta users. We will be using TechStars as a testing ground for different business models that we have thought of this far.

This week it’s miniMBAs and lots of work on the product and with beta users!