New invitation rollout!

New | 15 April 2014

Hi there!

We’re happy to announce that we have killed enough bugs and made significant enough improvements that we’re ready to send out the next batch of invites! We’ll be rolling them out over the next few days ;) 

There are still so many of you in the waiting list that we can’t set out a definitive date just yet by which we can accept you all :/ but we’re working really hard to improve the product so that more of you can join in!

First feedback from actual users has helped us improve the onboarding process, fix some silly interface mistakes and get rid of some crashing problems. On the fun side, we’ve heard back from people being late for meetings and forgetting to eat, because of the learning flow they’ve entered, so we must be onto something :D

So, what’s next in the works? We kicked off the UX overhaul project today with the awesome Estonian design bureau Fraktal so future beta users can expect to be dazzled by an amazing UX. Whilst planning with Fraktal, we’ll also be tinkering on bits and pieces of the userface with one of the supertalented Hackstars here at TechStars – Carlos. Pics soon to come!

The development team is working day and night to work out hiccups in the initial algorithms we’re using and get the frequencies that determine the vocabulary just right. Users that are in the system already can expect fluctuations in their progress indicators, hopefully mostly to the more optimistic side!

Update done, now back to work. Holiday pictures are just for dreaming purposes.