Our upcoming language pairs — and more!

New | 24 October 2016

Lingvist is in the middle of some really exciting developments! A completely new version of our app coming your way, we also have an update about new language pairs

Currently in public beta:

Spanish and Russian are now open to the public for testing — just click on the links above to sign up. Improvements are being added all the time.

Currently by invitation only:

You can be put on the list to become a tester for Japanese-English and get early access to the course by clicking on the link above to sign up.

Invitations for testing are sent out in batches and may take some time to arrive once the course has been opened to early access learners. Those who sign up for early access later may miss the beta period, but will be amongst the first to be notified of the full language course launch.

In 2017 we’d like to bring you:

  • English > German
  • English > Portuguese
  • Chinese > English (simplified and traditional)
  • Portuguese > English

More to come on our new languages and app right here on our blog — or follow us on Facebook and Twitter and never miss an update!