Thanks from the Lingvist co-founders!

10 June 2015

The Lingvist Mobile Apps have been out for a little over week now. Thanks to all our users - new and old for downloading, reviewing and using the app. We wanted to share some amazing stats with you and thank you for your support.

We launched our iOS and Android apps on Product Hunt just over a week ago and it’s fair to say we had an amazing reaction. We’ve had over 760 upvotes to date - feel free to add to that if you wish. There was some great discussion in the comments thread about how we compare to our competitors, what our plans are for adding languages and much more besides. We’re already the most upvoted Estonian product on there and we’re on our way to being one of the top 50 products of all time.

What that helped us achieve is huge. We’ve more than doubled our registered userbase in the week since we launched. We saw a 2,345% increase in new users over the previous month, a 538% increase in new traffic and an influx of new users from all of the world - we’re currently the number two education app in France - thanks in part to a positive review on the ‘Hook’ app. We’ve had media attention from as far away as New Zealand, Australia and Saudi Arabia. At one point, we huddled around our screens and watched as Google Analytics showed a massive jump in the number of live users accessing Lingvist in Iraq - where we had over 10,000 sessions in just a few days.

What’s perhaps most gratifying is that we’re retaining those users. We’ve doubled our userbase, but the average number of sessions per day has increased 10x over the last few days. Most importantly, we’ve received a lot of love along the way. We’ve got a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store and four stars on the iOS app store. With all of the above in mind, our co-founders, Mait and Ott, wanted to thank your personally for your support!


It’s not that long since I was learning French alone on the first Lingvist prototype. With the Lingvist mobile app, we’ve doubled our user base within one week, and today I have over 50,000 users learning alongside me in the Lingvist Community! This has been made possible by a great team, but also by great users. Thank you for your support and your incredible feedback! And of course, it’s not over. We still have many surprises for you, so stay tuned!

Mait - CEO.

What a great and exciting week! More than 35,000 of you have already downloaded the Lingvist Mobile App and are currently learning new languages anytime, anywhere! Today, we are ranked number 2 in the Education category in France, but the success of Lingvist is worldwide, from New Zealand to the U.S through to Iraq and Saudi Arabia! Thank you for downloading the Lingvist Mobile app, and thanks for sharing your feeling about it with us. We love to hear from you, because that’s how we can improve Lingvist in the future and help you learn even faster!

Ott - COO.

If you still have some doubts about learning a language in 200 hours with Lingvist, here’s what some of our users have been saying:

Superb! ★★★★★ Several weeks ago, I added Lingvist into the mix of what I used to learn French. From then on, I have noticed an appreciable impact on said language. This particularly seems to be the case with my vocabulary. I strongly recommend implementing Lingvist into your language learning routine, or, at the very least, give it a try. If you are a fan of the Lingvist website and its design and functionality, you will be satisfied with this new mobile application as it looks and functions similarly. by Javahut Man via the iOS App Store

Incroyable ★★★★★ I still have like 150 hours to go before I’m quasi-proficient in French but I already recognize over a thousand words and can read French labels or emails. I started off with the website version and I’m stoked that the app came out. Get it while you can! by Fruitoftheboom via the iOS App Store

Excellent ! ★★★★ Excellente appli, on apprend vite les mots, avec les exercices de lecture, de prononciations. On en veut plus ! by Lilron95 via the iOS App Store

Love this app ★★★★★ I love the lingvist system and I think this app is right on the money. Looks good and easy to use. by Scott Hunt via the Google Play Store

Excellent!★★★★★ The best system to learn french! by Макар Зубков via the Google Play Store