Say hello to the new Lingvist Forum!

Users | 23 November 2016

When you’re learning a language online, having a community of other learners to support you can make a big difference. Lingvist is proud to announce the launch of our Forum community — a space for you to connect with people learning languages, share tips and tricks, get advice, and show others how you get the most out of learning with Lingvist… Want to practice using your skills in the language you’re learning? Need grammar help or vocabulary advice? Got a cool technique for memorising a tricky verb conjugation that you want to tell other people about? Then the Lingvist Forum is the place for you to connect and share mingle with other members of the community!

Get technical help in the Lingvist Forum

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll find:

  • The Lobby: Have a technical issue with the app? Want to know what your dashboard can do? Got an idea for something we can do to make Lingvist better? This is the place to post about it!

  • FAQ: The resource for answers to common questions, troubleshooting and how to get technical help with Lingvist.

  • The Lingvist Fitness Studio: Space for immersing yourself with discussion in your target language, and sharing your own hacks for the Lingvist method.

  • The Advice Exchange: A meeting place for you to get help with general language learning questions, how-to’s, and to help others in kind.

  • The Rec Dec: Get your daily dose of language memes, dead and artificial languages, challenges, and all the other weird, funny, and exciting stuff about language.

  • The Stacks: Find dictionaries, verb references, help with non-latin writing systems like Cyrillic, reading and listening resources, and more in our curated living resources area.

The community is here for you, and we want our community members to help us in making the Forum the best it can be. Become a moderator!

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