Verb Conjugator Resources

Verbs can be one of the trickier things to master. On one hand, the conjugations mostly follow patterns, on the other hand — there are so many tenses, forms, and exceptions. A good reference can make a big difference!

We’ve put together a running list of some useful verb conjugations resources for multiple languages.

Verb Conjugation Russian & German

Verb Conjugators for Multiple Languages

Verbix - conjugate verbs in multiple languages, including dead languages like Latin, Etruscan, Occitan!

Cooljugator - a simple, easy smart verb conjugator in multiple languages (including Estonian!)

Wiktionary - has tons of information on many different languages. We linked to Spanish, French, German and Russian below.

Verb Conjugators for Spanish

Linguasorb App - this app is perfect for mastering those Spanish verbs! They offer translations for every verb form, lists of most common verbs, as well as quizes and more. Available on iOS and Android.

Wiktionary Spanish - everything you need to know about Spanish verbs

Don’t forget that you can learn Spanish online with Lingvist!

Verb Conjugators for French

There are many french websites to conjugate french verbs because even french people wonders : “Is there a -s at this end ? Is it a -t or a -d ?” 😄 It works with the infinitive form but also with the verb in any tense.

Le Conjugueur - All in French, Le Conjugueur can help you conjugate verbs in French, quiz yourself, and more., Great way to emerse yourself in French!

LE CONJUGUEUR BESCHERELLE - In French, here you can get access to 10,000 conjugation tables.

Conjugaison - Le monde is a famous French newspaper. Not only can you get conjugation of various French verbs, you can also discover Verbs you may not know and access a list of most popular verbs in French.

Verbiste - if you are techy, using linux or know how to run a program from a command line, Verbiste may be perfect for you. It is a French conjugation system that contains over 7000 French verbs.

ThoughtCo’s French Verb Conjugation article - a good overview on conjugating French verbs. Great for beginners if you haven’t gone over it yet.

Wiktionary French - everything you need to know about French verbs

Don’t forget that you can learn French online with Lingvist!

Verb Conjugators for German

I Will Teach You a Langauge German Verb Conjugation Article - If you haven’t had an overview of how to conjugate verbs in German, then this article is one you should read and bookmark! A great start on how to conjugate German verbs.

Lingolia German - Lingolia offers a great German verb conjugator, with over 13,000 German verbs.

Wiktionary German - everything you need to know about German verbs

Don’t forget that you can learn German online with Lingvist!

Verb Conjugators for Russian

Master Russian - this is a great resource that provides conjugation for hundreds of Russian verbs. Includes present, past, future, as well as perfect and imperfect aspects.

Wiktionary Russian - everything you need to know about Russian verbs

Don’t forget that you can learn Russian online with Lingvist!

Verb Conjugators for Estonian

Cooljugator Estonian - not many resources for Estonian, but Cooljugator does offer some information, along with all the other languages we mentioned.

Don’t forget that you can access our Estonian mini course to learn some cultural tips and 100 Estonian words. It is not a full course unfortunately.

Have you discovered other verb conjugators that we don’t have listed here? Let us know on Twitter! 🙂

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