We are looking for a freelance Web Developer!

by Hilary | Jobs | 11 June 2019

Are you a freelance web developer looking for an extra 60-80 hours a month? Want to work on developing new designs for a multilingual page, as well as improving SEO so we can help people learn faster with AI? If this sounds cool, then we want to speak to you! lingvist web

We are looking for a web developer with an eye for detail and the ability to ask the right questions in order to make sure a task is completed efficiently. We currently use Jekyll and Forestry for our web, but are willing to consider other frameworks.

Tasks will include developing SEO enhancements, new pages based on Artworker’s designs, as well as optimizing older pages for increased conversion rate, and, of course, bug fixes.

You will work closely with Hilary St Jonn, our SEO & Content Manager.

Are you ready to help us take learning to a whole new level? Get started by filling out this application! If you’re a good fit, you will have a video interview with Hilary, and then a final test task before meeting with Tanel.

Thank you for your interest!