What it's like to be in Private Beta

New | 5 June 2014

Hi there!

Recently we’ve received quite many enquires about when will you receive your beta invitation and understandably so – it’s been quite a while since many of you signed up for one. So we thought we’d take a moment and explain a bit how we go about with the private beta testing.

We take on small batches at a time to work with them rather intensively – we are still at a phase with the product, where we can iterate based on the behaviour of a small number of users. We work through the sign-up list based on a first-come-first-serve basis, but occasionally take people on from the side when they have some special characteristics that we need (i.e. a superhomogenous group who start at exactly the same time; usability experts, etc). 

We are supergrateful to everyone who has signed up and we are really looking forward to working with you and getting feedback, but we have to do it at our own pace to ensure a good development speed and interesting experience for everyone. Everyone who has signed up will eventually get a chance at Lingvist :)

Some of the bigger acheivements that we have recently done thanks to our existing testers:

  • better grammar tips while learning new vocabulary
  • overhaul of the reading task: it’s now much easier to find the perfect text
  • we’ve put a lot of the feedback into use while redesigning the UI

We’re currently at the final stretch of parts of the testing & hope to share the results with you soon! In the meanwhile, check out the picture below – it’s a sneak peek to what our new UI will soon look like!


Hardworkingly yours, Team Lingvist

PS: we slightly lifted the veil off of another aspect about our work. Check out our user story on Fleep ;)