Vote for What Language We Should Do Next!

One of the complaints we get from our users is that we don’t offer enough languages. We love your passion for Lingvist, and if we could we would create courses for all of the languages in the world!

However, we are a startup with limited resources, and we have to be very careful of what language we choose to focus on next. This is where you come in!

We have picked a few languages that we want to focus on from English. We would love to hear which one you think we should do next.

Vote for our next language from English!

For those of you who are polyglots or can’t decide on one, you can choose up to three languages 😁

Poll now closed!

Poll Results

Here are the results so far from our poll above!

  • Italian - 24.72%
  • Brazilian Portuguese - 17.96%
  • Japanese - 14.92%
  • Mandrin - 10.91%
  • Advanced English - 9.25%
  • Estonian - 5.94%

Is there another language you would like to see on Lingvist? Let us know below! 🙂

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