What to Expect from Lingvist Beta

Lingvist Beta* is an early bird - the rapidly developing version of the next generation language learning software that is being built by our excellent team. You’re part of an exclusive group of early test users!

But we’ve made Lingvist Beta available because we think what we’ve done so far already lets you learn languages faster than other tools out there.

  • At the moment, you can expect to learn up to 5000 words on our English-French module, making it roughly equivalent to a B2 level speaker.

Our sole aim is to make efficient language learning faster for people like yourself. We’re still accelerating.

We hope you want to take part in making Lingvist the best next generation language learning software. You can help us in two ways:

  1. Learn with Lingvist and tell us how you progress. What’s confusing, what’s really helpful, what kind of content helps you learn best?
  2. Share your user experience. Do you use Lingvist on your laptop, tablet or mobile? Have you noticed any errors along the way?

You can reach us via the feedback button in the programme or email at hello@lingvist.io.

Team Lingvist

*Beta simply indicates that not all software facets are fully functional yet; we’re still fine-tuning and adding to the programme linguistically, and you might run into the occasional bug or error.

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