What users are saying about Lingvist

News | 12 March 2015

We receive tons of letters every day from users who are thrilled at how fast they’re able to improve their French with Lingvist.

These letters give our team a great boost – and we can’t wait to deliver more languages and new features your way.

Thank you for your support and good luck with your studies!

We also get alerts that people are talking about us on other sites. So if you’re willing to try one language learning tool, but feel you’re not progressing any more, give Lingvist a try.

“Really liking this so far. Product beats my expectations in terms of user experience. I really like the superior computer voice and the verb conjugations are so helpful!”

Source: Duolingo user forum

“Good stuff! I like the sheer speed of the activities, firing question after question. I’ve started with a decent background in French but I can see the utility that it will have in the near future - within a few days! Kudos!”

Source: Duolingo user forum


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