Lingvist for Bolt Drivers: An Estonian Language Course Made for You

Already speak Estonian? Pass the test and earn a certificate.

Step 1

Download Lingvist on your mobile device.*

*Please return to this page after you have successfully downloaded Lingvist on your mobile device and continue with Step 2 to take the test or learn Estonian and earn a language certificate.

Step 2

Pass the test or start learning.

Why Lingvist? How does it work?

In order to help you learn Estonian as quickly as possible, Bolt has partnered up with Lingvist. Lingvist leverages AI and spaced repetition algorithms to teach languages, meaning the app adapts to each user individually. Additionally, we have put together a course that focuses on vocabulary related to communicating with passengers during rides.

Learning is achieved through a flashcard method that is based on the implicit learning method, meaning that you learn the necessary vocabulary and phrases implicitly, as you are constantly exposed to new vocabulary, correct sentence structures, and pronunciation. This method also combines vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, writing, and grammar. The aim is to teach you the needed vocabulary and phrases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Lingvist? How does it work? Why Lingvist? How does it work?

What next?

Once you download the app and log in, you will have an opportunity to take the test. The test evaluates your knowledge of the Estonian vocabulary needed to comfortably communicate with passengers. The certificate will be sent to your email address.

PS! The certificate information (or failure to obtain one) will be shared with Bolt. You can read more about how we process your personal data as well as your rights in connection to it in our Privacy Policy (available only in English).

What next? What next?

What is the Lingvist test?

The test takes place on the Lingvist app, where you will see flashcards which test your basic knowledge of Estonian phrases and vocabulary related to ride-hailing services.

The test normally takes about 20 minutes, and you can take it only once. It is completely free of charge.

Please make sure that you can complete the test once you start it, as interrupting the test will result in an automatic fail.

What is the Lingvist test? What is the Lingvist test?

Frequently Asked

Why is Bolt introducing language requirements?

In response to continued language challenges in Estonia, Bolt, in collaboration with Lingvist, a language learning platform, have developed an Estonian language training program focusing on the basic vocabulary essential for drivers. We are united in this effort and kindly encourage you to participate in the simplified Estonian language training program to support this initiative.

Is passing the language test a mandatory requirement for every driver, irrespective of citizenship?

To ensure equal treatment of all drivers, the language test requirements apply to all, irrespective of their citizenship or other factors.

Why does Bolt only accept language certificates issued by Lingvist?

To ensure uniformity of the language requirements, learning methods, and testing standards, as well as fairness and equal treatment for all drivers, Bolt recognizes only the language certificates issued by Lingvist.

How long will the language course last and how often should I learn?

Most learners should complete the course in a couple of months. You can learn at your own pace, but Lingvist’s recommendation for maximum efficiency is to do at least 50 cards a day, 4 times per week.

What is the cost of the course and what does it include?

If you do not pass the test, you will need to complete the “Basic Estonian course for drivers” for €35.

You will gain access to this short, specialized course for 12 months. In addition to the course for drivers, you will also have access to all of the other language courses and can choose to continue with the full Estonian course, available from English (3745 words) or Russian (7684 words).

How many times can a driver retake the language test? Does it cost extra to take an additional test?

You can take the test only once – please allow at least 20 minutes to complete it. The test is completely free of charge.

Please make sure that you can complete the test once you start it, as interrupting the test will result in an automatic fail.

If you do not pass the test, you will need to complete the “Basic Estonian course for drivers” for €35.

What are the consequences if the course is not completed within the set deadline?

Bolt reserves the right to suspend the driver’s Bolt Driver account until the required language certificate is provided, based on clauses 2.3 and 13.3 of the General Terms for Drivers.

What if my native language is not among the languages in which you can take the course?

If your mother tongue is not included in the list of source languages, please choose the language in which you are most comfortable.

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