Create lessons, invite students, and update on the go

Lingvist Classroom is the best way to manage your students’ language learning

Create Classes

Create a class and invite students to use Lingvist on any device they have.

Invite and Manage Students

Invite your students using their email addresses or by sending them a link so you can manage their progress.

Track Progress

Track your students’ progress and manage your class.

Customize Using Course Wizard

With our Course Wizard, you can quickly create relevant lessons by entering targeted keywords or text.

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Create a class and invite students

Create a classroom in order to keep track of different groups of students. Invite students via their email addresses and let them get started easily on their own.

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Track and monitor progress

With Classroom, you can see all of your students' statistics in one place. See how many words they studied, how much time it took, and correctness rate.

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Create lessons with Course Wizard

Create lessons on specific topics by simply copying and pasting text into our Course Wizard, or by picking out a few words about your chosen topic. With the push of a button your course is created.

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