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What makes Lingvist’s English course so special?

  • custom course levels

    Lingvist analyzes your existing knowledge to place you at the right level. This means that you can get started with the course content that’s appropriate for your level right away.

  • remember what you learn

    Lingvist uses proven techniques inspired by cognitive theory, such as spaced repetition. This will help you easily remember the words you’ve learned when you need them. Long-term recall of new vocabulary is the key to speaking English more fluently.

  • learn the grammar on the go

    While English shares some common roots with Romance languages, English grammar has many features that are foreign to speakers of other languages. Lingvist offers grammar tips on new concepts paired with the exercises you’re working on to keep grammar instruction relevant and interesting.

  • Listen and learn

    Lingvist provides plenty of opportunity to listen, not just read, reinforcing the English rules of pronunciation. Keep your headphones on to learn the sounds and intonational flow of English, then practice repeating the words.

  • speak with confidence

    Tired of typing all of those English words over and over again? Use our voice input feature and practice speaking your English vocabulary.

  • see and feel your progress

    See how your memory is working for each study period. Get information on how many words you have learned per day and how accurately you are recalling words you have already studied.

Lingvist is the fastest way to learn English.


Lingvist gets you to learn the things you need to, right when you need to learn them. You make fast progress by skipping material you don’t need to learn or practice.


Lingvist keeps learning relevant and suitably challenging for every learner. The program uses AI to map your knowledge and tailor the course around what you need to learn to progress quickly and effectively.


With Lingvist, there’s nothing extra to get in the way. What you study is based on what you already know and what you’ll use most, not what someone else says you should learn. Lingvist is designed to get you into a learning flow with no distractions. It’s like having a personal statistical analyst to provide you with insights into your strengths and what you need to work on.

Always accessible

Take your language learning with you to make faster progress with bite-sized study sessions throughout the day – use the app while commuting, waiting in line, or taking your lunch break. Available on the web, iOS, and Android.