An Online French Course That’s as Exceptionnel as You

Learn French with Lingvist

What Sets Lingvist’s French Course Apart?

Lingvist is the fastest way to build your French vocabulary. But it’s more than just that. Powered by adaptive AI and fueled by the desire to optimize language acquisition, Lingvist’s French course is the cutting-edge answer to learning a language efficiently.

Ultra-Fast French

The rapid results Lingvist offers are the product of cognitive scientists, machine learning engineers, and language specialists combining their expertise to reshape the experience of learning with technology.

Personalized French Learning

No brain is the same, so why should your French course be one-size-fits-all? Lingvist constantly assesses your level to keep the content challenging and relevant to your needs.

Track Your Progress

Your progress is our priority. Learning with Lingvist is like having a personal statistical analyst to provide you with insights into your strengths and what you need to work on.

Parlez Your Way

Whether you prefer to practice on the web in the comfort of your own home or on your Android or iOS mobile device during your daily commute, your French course is just a few clicks away. It can even work in offline mode during brief interruptions in service.

How (and Why) Lingvist’s French Course Works

More than Just Memorization

Rather than memorization methods that “trick” your brain into cataloguing a dictionary-like list of French words and their translations, Lingvist uses in-context vocabulary building coupled with perfectly timed spaced repetition to help you memorize words more naturally.

Listen Up

Reading French is the easy part! French pronunciation is notoriously divergent from the written form, which means listening comprehension practice is critical to being able to actually use the language. Hook up your headphones to develop your listening skills with native speakers on your schedule.

Speak Up

Did you know that French has 10 sounds not present in English? From nasal vowels, to the guttural “R,” to special liaisons between letters, speaking French requires the development of new muscle memory for your mouth and tongue. It takes a lot of practice to associate new pronunciation rules with all those letters you know and love. Get instant feedback on your pronunciation using voice input technology.

Keep Track of Your Stats

Maintain motivation by tracking your improvement! Lingvist provides information on how well you’re recalling words during each study period or over time. Feel proud of your progress by seeing how many words you’ve learned and work to retain your recall rate by reviewing words you’ve learned in the past.

How to Make the Most of Your French Course

The only secret to learning a language is maintaining motivation. This is the key factor in helping you devote the time necessary! Everyone has a unique learning style and different reasons for learning a language, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Using a mixture of the tools available to you through your Lingvist account will ensure you can stay interested and reach your goals.

Make a Daily Habit

Your time may be limited, but with Lingvist your learning potential is unlimited! Whether it’s while you have your morning coffee, during your commute, or while dinner’s cooking, find a time to practice French 20 minutes per day and you will be amazed by the results within a few months.

Immerse Yourself

Re-creating an immersive environment in your home is the next best thing to spending time in a French-speaking country. Get in the habit of turning on French radio in your home, listening to French podcasts during your commute, watching French movies, or trying to use recipes in French. Take it a step further and pick specific concepts introduced by your Lingvist decks to focus on a week at a time to enhance your passive language absorption.

L’amour of Learning

Everyone experiences dips in motivation, but identifying what you love about learning a language, like being able to discover new movies or music from a different culture, will go a long way toward keeping you on track. Take time to fall in love with French by taking a break from grammar drills and reading some fun blog posts, like this one on local sayings from French-speaking countries.

French Resources

Craving a deeper explanation of a certain grammatical concept? Wondering why French numbers are the way they are or need some tips on your French pronunciation? Check out these articles to help all that vocabulary you’ve mastered find a home in a beautifully crafted, perfectly spoken French sentence!

French VerbsIrregular French VerbsFrench Adjectives
French NumbersI Love You in FrenchFrench Conditional Tense
-er Verbs in French-re Verbs in French-ir Verbs in French
French Curse WordsFrench Future TenseFrench Greetings
French ImparfaitFrench Possessive Adjectives and PronounsFrench Prepositions
French Present SubjunctiveFrench PronunciationFrench Reflexive Verbs

Stay Focused

With a variety of specialized deck options, you can concentrate on what suits your ambitions. Practice vocabulary and key phrases from specific topics, such as “Activities and Leisure Time,” “New Technologies,” “The Family,” or “The Weather.” Whether you plan to use French for business purposes, to communicate better with family or community members, or for travel during your holidays, you can brush up on exactly what you need.

A Weekend in ParisLove in FrenchEnvironment
NutritionPrepositions in FrenchHealth
New TechnologiesThe Human BodyThe Family
Reflexive VerbsFeelings and EmotionsThe Supernatural
HolidaysThe WeatherDebating
Your homeAnimalsFalse Friends
IdiomsDaily ConversationsFashion and Clothing

Customize Content

If you have an area of interest that you’d like to focus on that isn’t offered in the decks above, you can create your own using Custom Decks. Enter a few keywords or an excerpt of text and automatically generate a deck just for you – or share it with others and study together! Custom Decks is the perfect tool to customize your learning and accelerate the memorization of new vocabulary.