I Love You in Norwegian and Other Romantic Phrases

Norwegian is a beautiful language with a rich history and culture. Norwegians are known for their reserved nature and their emphasis on personal connections. If you are in love with a Norwegian person and learning Norwegian, then expressing your feelings in their native language is a meaningful way to show how much you care. 

In this article, we will explore the most common Norwegian love phrases and discuss their meanings and usage.

“I love you” in Norwegian

While English has become a global language, there’s something undeniably special about expressing your love in the language of your beloved. Whether you’re just starting a new relationship or celebrating years together, learning a few Norwegian love phrases from this list below is sure to make your Norwegian partner feel loved and special.

Jeg liker deg – I like you. This is a casual phrase that is often used with friends.

Jeg er glad i deg – I like you very much, or I am very fond of you. This phrase is more intimate than “Jeg liker deg.” It’s normally used between family members and close friends. 

Jeg elsker deg – I love you. This phrase has a much deeper meaning than in English. This isn’t something you say to your friend. It’s used when one has very deep feelings of love toward their partner, so never use it lightly.

Du er mitt alt – You are my everything. This phrase is normally used in a long-term relationship, as it expresses a deep and abiding love for your loved one.

Jeg kan ikke leve uten deg – I cannot live without you. This is a very powerful statement of love, so use it wisely.

Jeg er så heldig som har deg – I am so lucky to have you. This is a more lighthearted way of expressing love and appreciation that can be used in any relationship, regardless of how long it has been going on.

Jeg kan ikke tenke meg et liv uten deg – I can’t imagine my life without you. Similar to “Jeg kan ikke leve uten deg” but more intense and shouldn’t be used lightly.

Du er den eneste for meg – You are the only one for me. A very serious statement of love, and it should only be used when you are truly committed to the other person.

Du er min solstråle – You are my sunshine. This phrase is more playful and conveys the idea that the other person brings you joy and happiness. It is a good phrase to use if you want to express your affection in a lighthearted way.

Du er mitt hjerte – You are my heart. This is more intense than the previous phrase, “Du er min solstråle.” It is a good phrase to use in a long-term relationship where you are very close to the other person.

Norwegian Phrases for Flirting and Dating

Norwegian dating culture is characterized by exclusivity, independence, and directness. Dating multiple people simultaneously is frowned upon, and Norwegians typically focus on one person at a time until the relationship progresses or ends. This doesn’t equate to slowness or a lack of emotion; it’s simply a reflection of their preference for genuine connections over fleeting romances.

Chivalry doesn’t play a significant role in Norwegian dating, as both men and women embrace their independence and consider splitting the bill a given. This emphasis on equality extends to expressing interest, where both parties are encouraged to be upfront about their feelings.

Meeting new people through friends or shared interests is common in Norway, and there are plenty of ways to break the ice and get to know someone better. However, Norwegians aren’t typically overtly flirtatious, and getting to know someone usually progresses through meaningful conversations. Here are some useful phrases to help you navigate the Norwegian dating scene and clearly convey your interest in the other person:



Hei, hva skjer?

Hey, what’s up?

Du er søt

You’re cute

Vil du ta en drink?

Would you like to have a drink?

Har du kjæreste?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Kan jeg få telefonnummeret ditt?

Can I get your phone number?

Jeg ringer deg

I’ll call you

Har du lyst til å gå ut?

Would you like to go out?

Det var en flott kveld

That was a great evening

Når kan vi treffes igjen?

When can we meet again?

Kan jeg kysse deg?

Can I kiss you?

I love you in Norwegian

Terms of Endearment in Norwegian

Just like in Swedish, these terms of endearment are kept for romantic partners and are not used with family members or friends. Here are some of the most common Norwegian terms of endearment.













gullet mitt

my gold


little darling



You can combine min with these terms of endearment to make them sound even sweeter. For example:

Min kjære – my love

Min elskede – my beloved

Elsklingen min – my darling

Other Words About Love




to hug


to kiss

å date

to date

en date

a date

være forelsket

to be in love

fri til noen

to propose (marriage)



gifte seg

to marry












wedding day/wedding anniversary



forelskelse ved første blikk

love at first sight

å sette pris på noen

to appreciate someone

å forelske seg

to fall in love

Example Sentences

The best way to learn new words is to use them in a sentence, so here are a few example sentences using some phrases from the list.

Vi kysset hverandre for første gang i går. - We kissed for the first time yesterday.

Jeg er forelsket i ham. – I’m in love with him.

Vi er forlovet. – We’re engaged.

Jeg setter pris på alt du gjør for meg. – I appreciate everything you do for me.

Norwegian Sayings and Proverbs About Love

Husk at all skjønnhet på jord bor i de evige ord: Jeg elsker deg. – Remember that all beauty on earth resides in the eternal words: I love you.

Elsk med vett, så varer det lenge. – Love wisely and it’ll last long.

Kjærlighet gjør blind. – Love makes you go blind.

Hvor enn jeg ser blir jeg minnet på din kjærlighet. Du er min verden. – Everywhere I look, I am reminded of your love. You are my world.

Kjærligheten er som vinden, du kan ikke se den, men du kan føle den. – Love is like the wind: you can’t see it, but you can feel it.

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I love you in Norwegian

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