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Why you should learn Spanish online with Lingvist

At Lingvist, we work hard to find the fastest way for you to learn Spanish vocabulary. This is usually the number one obstacle to speaking a language – not knowing the words! Our app will help you learn Spanish words quickly, starting with the most frequently used words and utilizing our AI in order to deliver them so they are more likely to stick in your memory.

Learn Spanish Fast

Lingvist gets you to learn the Spanish words you need to, right when you need to learn them. You make fast progress by skipping Spanish material you don’t need to learn or practice.

Personalized Spanish Learning

Lingvist keeps Spanish study relevant and suitably challenging for every individual learner. The program uses AI to map your knowledge and tailor our online Spanish course around what you need to learn to progress quickly and effectively.

Study Spanish Focused

With Lingvist, there’s nothing extra to get in the way, as everything is designed to get you into a learning flow with no distractions. We want to help motivated learners learn Spanish vocabulary faster with our app.

Learn Spanish on the Go

Lingvist is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, Lingvist will be available to help you study Spanish. Even if your connection is spotty or drops out, Lingvist will work offline for a short amount of time.

How Our Online Spanish Course Works

Mapping What You Already Know

To assess your existing Spanish level quickly and accurately, our Knowledge Mapping uses a neural network (and vast amounts of previous learning data) to accelerate you to the right place in the course, without wasting a lot of time “testing” your knowledge.

Spanish Grammar Tips

Grammar is an important part of learning any language, which is why we offer Spanish grammar tips that are relevant to the sentence you are learning.

Spanish Vocabulary Builder

Quickly learn new Spanish vocabulary in real-life contexts. Our AI will deliver words you need to study right when you need to study them, so they are more likely to stay in your long-term memory.

Listening Comprehension

Turn on your sound or use your headphones to listen to how the context sentences are pronounced by a native Spanish speaker. Practice on your own afterward to train yourself to speak Spanish.

Voice Input

Tired of typing all of those Spanish words over and over again? Use our voice input feature and practice speaking your Spanish vocabulary.

Learning Statistics

See how your memory is working for each study period. Get information on how many words you learned per day in Spanish and how accurately you are recalling words you have already studied.

How to Use our Online Spanish Course the Right Way

You don’t need to have some secret talent in order to learn to speak a language like Spanish and converse with a native speaker. There are only two things you need to learn to speak Spanish: motivation and time.

Our online language courses are built to help you learn vocabulary more efficiently than any other language learning tool. However, there are some key things you will need to do in order to get the most out of Lingvist.

Practice Spanish Regularly

It is important that you practice regularly each day. This is the best way to learn a language, and if you take just 20 minutes a day to practice, in a few months you will see great progress.

Surround Yourself with Spanish

Try to find a friend who wants to learn Spanish with you, so you can start speaking together. If there is a Spanish club, join it! If you don’t have either of these options, then watch Spanish TV or movies. The more you get the chance to read, write, listen, and comprehend Spanish, the more you are going to see your Spanish improve.

Spanish Resources

Looking for specific resources on learning Spanish? We are building pages about Spanish language learners’ most frequently asked questions. See what we have created so far below!

Commands in SpanishSpanish Greetings
Spanish PronunciationAsking Questions in Spanish
Spanish Curse WordsHow to Say I Love You
Spanish -ir VerbsSpanish -er Verbs
Spanish -ar VerbsSpanish Present Perfect
Irregular Spanish VerbsSpanish Preterite (Simple Past)
Spanish Past ParticipleSpanish Future Tense
Spanish Conditional TenseSpanish Reflexive Verbs
Spanish Past TenseSpanish Conjugation
Spanish SubjunctiveSpanish Imperfect
Spanish Present ProgressiveSpanish Pronouns
Spanish Definite ArticlesSpanish Prepositions
Spanish AdjectivesSpanish Possessive Adjectives