Spanish Words and Common Phrases

Learning common Spanish phrases and vocabulary can be a great way to get started with language and even prepare for an upcoming event that might require some knowledge of the language.

We at Lingvist want to help you learn Spanish faster. Our new Course Wizard will let you learn exactly those Spanish phrases and sentences that you really need. And our AI technology will have you learning Spanish vocabulary faster than ever before and in proper context.

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Spanish Vocabulary for Travel

Planning a trip to Spain? Then our “A Holiday in Spain” Course Focus is perfect for you!

spanish travel vocab

This Course Focus was tailored to include the most useful holiday vocabulary, so you can communicate at the hotel during check-in/out, while at the airport or on the bus or train or when asking for information. It is full of useful travel phrases.

You will also learn a lot of cultural information about Spain, such as place names, landmarks, food, festivals, and more.

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The Most Common Spanish Phrases and Vocabulary

If you are looking for the most common Spanish phrases and vocabulary, look no further! We have courses for Spanish learners that cover the most commonly requested phrases and vocabulary.

Remember to choose courses that you find most useful when it comes to vocabulary - it gets you practicing Spanish as soon as possible.

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Body Parts Medical Spanish Clothing Vocabulary
Animals Family Vocabulary