Turn any text into a language learning course

Create decks

Create personal vocabulary learning decks in seconds. Turn any text into a minicourse.


Type or speak words related to your topic, or paste some text and let Lingvist work its magic!


Custom Decks allow you to tailor your deck to your needs. Select different example sentences or delete words you don’t want.

Share your deck

Share your passion with friends and let them learn along with you.

  • custom course levels

    Lingvist analyzes your existing knowledge to place you at the right level. This means that you can get started with the course content that’s appropriate for your level right away.

  • remember what you learn

    Lingvist uses proven techniques inspired by cognitive theory, such as spaced repetition. This will help you easily remember the words you’ve learned when you need them. Long-term recall of new vocabulary is the key to speaking English more fluently.

  • learn the grammar on the go

    While English shares some common roots with Romance languages, English grammar has many features that are foreign to speakers of other languages. Lingvist offers grammar tips on new concepts paired with the exercises you’re working on to keep grammar instruction relevant and interesting.