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Learn Estonian with Lingvist

A new Estonian language course for English speakers is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Web version of the Lingvist app

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Estonian EdTech startup Lingvist raises €5.1 million in funding

The Estonia-based startup Lingvist, whose mission is to develop and scale learning technology that enables radical improvement in learning efficiency, has raised €5.1 million in the latest round of funding for its language learning app.

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Lingvist CEO and CERN alumnus Mait Müntel receives an award

Mait Müntel, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lingvist, has been granted an award for his contribution in supporting and developing the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Alumni Network as an active member of the network.

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Lingvist Is a Finalist for the UNESCO 2019 ICT in Education Prize

Lingvist is delighted to have been selected as a finalist in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Association (UNESCO) Prize for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education.

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Lingvist Educator Tools Available for Free Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Lingvist is offering its platform of online language learning tools to educators free of charge in certain locations* until July 31, 2020.

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A CERN Interview with Lingvist CEO Mait Müntel

As a European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) alumnus, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lingvist Mait Müntel was inspired to approach learning a foreign language with the tools he was familiar with: algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. One fateful day, he found himself stranded at a train station in France due to his lack of French comprehension, despite having lived in Geneva for some time. This experience got him thinking that there must be a faster way to learn French.

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Lingvist Nominated for 2019 Tech Edvocate Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Lingvist has been nominated in the 2019 Tech Edvocate Awards!

The Tech Edvocate Awards highlight the top EdTech companies, products, and people who are making a difference and transforming the way people learn and how educators teach.

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Lingvist Reviewed on NewsWatchTV

We were excited to see Lingvist reviewed on NewsWatch TV this week.

Their video spot shows off our main learning method, the fill-in-the-blank Vocabulary game, as well as some of our other features, such as the daily challenge and voice input.

Watch the video below for the full review, or view it on their website.

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Lingvist in “Exploring the Future of Education”

“If we could hack the way we learn languages, imagine the opportunities this could unleash!”

This is exactly what we are trying to do at Lingvist, which is why we were thrilled when Svenia Busson came to visit and wanted to interview our team for her book, “Exploring the Future of Education.”

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5 Questions for Mait Müntel, Co-Founder of Lingvist

The Center for Data Innovation spoke to Mait Müntel, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lingvist, an Estonian startup that uses artificial intelligence to develop language learning software tailored to individual learners. Müntel discussed how AI can adapt to how well a learner absorbs a new language, and how accurately it can predict what they already know.

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Lingvist and PChome Announce a Partnership in Taiwan

Education technology pioneers Lingvist and Taiwanese e-commerce provider PChome have announced a partnership today. The partnership aims to deliver a new type of learning technology to Mandarin-speaking language learners.

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Lingvist Receives €1.5 Million Grant

Lingvist, the innovative language learning platform delivering individually tailored, AI-powered language courses for fast, effective learning, is announcing today that it has successfully concluded its partnership with the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

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Lingvist Is on The Tech Talks Podcast!

Hear Lingvist’s Chief Product Officer Scott Dodson talking the science behind Lingvist and an early look at our native app update!

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Cracking the Human Language Code

Using machine learning and big data, a former particle physicist wants to teach you a foreign language in 200 hours―for free.

This article was first published on and has been republished with the author’s permission.

During his time as a researcher at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, Estonian theoretical physicist Mait Müntel felt guilty that he had spent nine years in the country and not yet learned the lingua franca. So, he bought a book that promised to get him up to speed in French in 24 hours.

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Lingvist optimiert

Wir haben eine App mit dem Besten von Lingvist und optimiert für dein Gerät entwickelt. Lade dir die App runter und erlebe, was tolle Lernerfahrung bedeutet – und das kostenlos!