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Hi, all!
Wanted to let you know that if you’ve been thinking about getting a subscription to Lingvist Unlimited, now is a good time. Until May 31, 2018 you can get a free gift card for an additional 3 months with the one-year plan.

If you have a friend who wants to learn, it’s transferable, too!

Happy Learning!

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¡Hola de nuevo!

¡Gracias por tu respuesta! Realizaremos los cambios que consideremos necesarios para hacer las traducciones más comprensibles en relación con sus contextos.

Happy learning!

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¡Hola Silvia!

¡Gracias por compartir tus sugerencias con la comunidad Lingvist!

Para poder darte una respuesta lo más clara posible, necesitaríamos preguntarte algo más: ¿en tu propuesta te refieres a mostrar los significados "extra" antes de que aparezca la respuesta correcta? Si es así, recuerda que la traducción "principal", es decir, la que se corresponde con el contexto de la tarjeta en cuestión, es siempre la que aparece en letras blancas justo debajo de la misma. Las traducciones que aparecen posteriormente en la caja "más significados" son traducciones del mismo término en otros contextos, no el de la tarjeta en cuestión.

Por favor, haznos saber si esta respuesta está relacionada con tu sugerencia.

Happy learning!

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Hi @Olivier-Ma-Dongqiang

This graph will be renewed soon on iOS and Android and it currently may not work correctly. Update the iOS app to the latest version and you'll have a new version soon.

Here's a sneak peek of the new version.

0_1524821234283_Word List.PNG

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Billy and dev_temp can you please give to me your phone models.

I would need to do some checks on same screen size and resolution device to figure out a solution for this bug.


Bug id - FE-1239

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Hi @Billy-Balthorpe

I looked at your account and saw you are learning Spanish. In Spanish, there's a Course Focus called A Holiday in Spain which offers you to learn sentences which would come in handy on a holiday in Spain. Looking at how many words you have learned in the Spanish course I can say that you are definitely ready to learn with our Course Focus, A Holiday in Spain.

You can switch your Course Focus whenever you like, but please note that practice cards from your precious focus will continue to appear.

Below you can see an example of the Course Focus mentioned above.

0_1523886908558_IMG_1221 (2).PNG

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You can find responses to your questions here.

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Hi @Thomas-Heiss, I will address your questions here.

We recommended the quoted user to remain on the free version because this user was already very close to completing the course, hence it made little sense for them to upgrade (not too many new words to learn). Good news is that we are looking into the possibility of extending the Spanish and German courses as we’ve learnt quite a bunch of learners would want that.

Our data team come to work every day to tune the algorithm to your faster learning. Like you mentioned, every learner's learning curve is different and if you are learning with a 50% correctness level it will evidently take you more time to learn X number of words, than a person who’s learning with 85% correctness level. Repeat stacks my spike for multiple reasons. Late December - early January we switched to a newer algorithm, which happened to bring back more repeats to some of our long-time learners, however, we checked and you were not one of them, because the algorithm update did not roll out in the EN>ES course. We checked your account and during Dec 20-31 your correctness level was between 32-44%. That’s all the learning history you had with this course, and all the repeats were legitimate.

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Hi @ryan-1, as mentioned earlier, Lingvist Unlimited is targeted towards enthused learners with language learning goals, who have time and resources to work with the app. When selecting which features go behind the paywall we went for those that only the most dedicated learners use. We are committed to delivering language learning achievements for our learners, and we are also happy to support our goal-oriented learners for whom subscriptions are above feasibility level. My colleagues at are ready to review each case.

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@Three 你好,