• Forum says goodbye

    Hey, good folks of the forum!

    It’s a pleasure to have each one of you reading this post because it means that you made it here! Ironically, this also is going to be one of the last posts here because we are saying goodbye to the community as we knew it on this forum.

    We launched this forum in November 2016, hoping to create a space for our learners to reflect on learning done on the app. During these 2+ years, we’ve realised that the format of a standalone forum doesn’t offer such a possibility. We are planning to continue our community building, however, we will be experimenting with different channels. For the time being, we invite all of you to join our regular channels: blog, Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch.

    If you are a free user, you can email your questions to free@lingvist.io.
    If you are an Unlimited user, you can send us questions in-app by going to Account> top right corner > contact support.

    If you wish to share with us your feedback about this forum, shoot us an email to hello@lingivst.io, or leave a comment below.

    Many thanks for all that has happened here, and hope to see you learning with us!

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  • RE: Course change failed

    Hi @Emily, I checked your account and I can see that you've reached the end of the course on both, Spanish and French courses. While this shouldn't be influencing your experience switching between the courses, it might be. I noticed that you had some learning in the Spanish course today, and the French course yesterday. I'm curious to ask how it went for you. I've also noticed that you've been logging in from 3 platforms. If there is still a problem, would you please shoot a message to hello@lingivst.io directly?

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  • RE: Algorithm acting strange (german version)

    Hi @farat-aydan, I assume we are talking about the EN>DE course you are learning. If so, according to our stats it seems that at the moment you should have ~ 696 words to review. If you see zero in your app, this sounds wrong. Please send a screenshot of the words to review stack to hello@lingvist.io with a brief description of:

    1. what happened just before the words disappeared (e.g. you launched the app, did a few cards, stats reset / something else happened)
    2. what happens now when you restart the app or do a bit of learning?
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  • RE: What is the plan for future features in Lingvist? +feedback

    Thanks, Max, as mentioned in the email we hope to be able to find a day to chat about your feedback next week.
    We welcome all other learners with constructive feedback to get in touch over hello@lingvist.io.

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  • RE: Sound doesn’t work on iOS iPhone app

    Hi @Victoria-Lee, if you are using AirPods (wireless headphones), then sound loss is expected at the moment. We are working on having it fixed. If you are using wired headphones, please shoot us an email to hello@lingvist.io and we will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to figure out what could be the case.

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  • RE: Is there a way to see past progress and statistics?

    Hi Alessandro,

    There is no way to do it in the app, but reach out to hello@lingvist.io and share with my colleagues (in greater detail) what "learning itch"/hypothesis you are trying to address/test by having this overview. Firstly, they will be glad to pass this information to the Product team, and secondly, they try to do their best helping learners whenever help is possible.

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  • RE: Problem with Speech Input via Headphone

    Hey @nicoschmidt, sorry you were left hanging without a reply for such a long time. I have taken a note of "making paid support option more prominent in the app". But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

    If we were to talk about the Bluetooth issue 21 days ago, my response would have been "it is a low priority issue and is not queueing to be fixed". Today the answer is different. After a series of internal debates, and thanks to learners like you who reached out and let us know they are using Bluetooth phones, the priority of the issue has risen, and Product has taken a decision to have it fixed. Testing headphones have been ordered to the office, and our iOS engineer is due to start his investigation.

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  • RE: Why was card sharing removed on iOS?

    Hi @sofrank, it's great to hear you found the feature valuable. You do not currently see it because our product team is testing out another feature, marking cards as favourites, and for the duration of the experiment, the card sharing feature had to be taken down. When the experiment is over, the feature will likely come back, although might be in a different shape, whatever knowledge will be collected from the experiment.

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  • Is there a way to see past progress and statistics?

    Hi, is there a way to see the past progress (more than the last 4 weeks)? So seeing new words learned per day, repetitions performed, etc.
    Can the statistics be exported?
    I've been learning with Lingvist for quite some time, and it would be interesting to see how the progress evolved over time.

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  • RE: German course bug

    @gisberth Hey hey, you are right - in the literal translation 'Willen und' would be there. However, "Will and testament" is a fixed term in English that simply translates to "Testament" in German. It would sound quite weird to say Willen und Testament. And as you are supposed to the learn the word "testament", you shouldn't be missing anything there. 🙂
    I hope that helps.
    All the best, Lisa

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